Vhodné pro školení, prezentace a koncerty.
Intimate place for 42 people
Luxurious leather seats, one row is adjustable
Stage for performances, wheelchair accessible
Cloakroom, dressing room, toilets nearby

Intelligent control – acoustics, sound system, projection, lights, air-conditioning

Audio system has 15 speakers

PC connection incl. picture signal for presentations/ projections

In-built multipair cable to connect more microphones

Space for a sound technician in the back of the cinema

Professional sound system incl. dimming and sound proof projection

Automatic screen shade size 6x2,6 m


Wi-fi, projector with 3D technology


For two starting at 400 CZK


Office for an hour
Use our mobile office with everything you need for your work.

Spacious desk, computer, telephone, printer, wi-fi connection

Fully equipped kitchenette (fridge, dishwasher, kettle, dishes)
Air-conditioned conference room including DVD player, screen and wi-fi


Bussines library

Computer with internet connection

Printing in colour max. A3 format

University textbooks and other books of the Bank Institute and other  literature



A lot of space for you and you friends
Billiard and poker table, bar with waiting staff
Electronic darts, board games
Independent air-conditioning, incl. Heating
Independent sound system, TV, HDMI, wi-fi

RCA adapter – you can you use own sound equipment

Presentation together with fun
Unconventional space for courses and seminars
Company events for smaller groups
Variable price offers for company’s purposes
Cold and warm catering


From 1 089 CZK per hour



Sweat into being.
  90 min. + every other person  
Steam sauna 395 Kč 65 Kč  
Towel, sheet, cold drink

Steam sauna with its hot and wet air has a good effect for human organism. It supports blood circulation, carefully cleanses skin and air ways, loosens muscle tension and stress. Appropriate for clients who are not tolerant to the dry sauna.



  90 min. + every other person  
Dry sauna 395 Kč 65 Kč  
+ towel, sheet, cold drink
In a dry sauna the body heats up above the normal temperature which loosens tired muscles and calms stressed brain because our body releases substances that bring relief such as endorfines


Opened daily

Time to heat up  is 40 minutes




Non-cash payment
Wake-up call
Laundry and dry cleaning service
Mechanic shoe cleaning
Room service
Secretary service
Luggage depository
Post and email delivery to our guests
Complete information about the town service and events
Tourist information, trip tips
Informatipn about train, bus and plane timetables
Provides taxi and transfer
Wellness, cinema and club reservations
Wheelchair accessible, elevator, room for handicapped cutomers
Free wi-fi connection 
Free guarded car park




Body care
With the greatest care in every regard.
  incl.VAT     short hair long hair     incl.VAT     incl.VAT
Cosmetic skin treatment peat - lifting cure 820 CZK   Hair cutting 265 CZK 460 CZK   Pedicure (wet pedicure, nail polish
removal, nail painting, decorating/painting)
900 CZK   Manicure (manicure with nail polish
removal, nail painting, decorating/painting)
700 CZK
Cosmetic Treatments Clay Cure 820 CZK   Blow-drying, water wave 185 CZK 290 CZK   Paraffin foot wrap 20 min 495 CZK   Paraffin foot wrap 20 min 295 CZK
Honey detox treatment 620 CZK   Color stripping + tonality 185 CZK 290 CZK   CND SPA Pedicure (classic pedicure, + bath,
salt, peeling, mask, cream)
1 350 CZK   Shellac (classic manicure + shellac) 950 CZK
Manual facial lifting  855 CZK   Multi-colored highlightig 660 CZK 990 CZK            
Cosmetic skin treatment by lavender oil  755 CZK   Perm 460 CZK 725 CZK            
Cosmetic treatment for men  595 CZK   Hair dying/ colored tint 595 CZK 925 CZK            
Mud wrap on hands  195 CZK   Dip-dying 330 CZK 595 CZK            
Mud wrap the legs  195 CZK   Hombre techniques 820 CZK 990 CZK            
Paraffin wrap hand  295 CZK   Lifting hair by hair mask 330 CZK 460 CZK            
Depilation with hot wax - chin  59 CZK   Lifting hair by ampoule 490 CZK 620 CZK            
Depilation with hot wax - upper lip 39 CZK   Hair ironing 99 CZK 195 CZK            
Depilation with hot wax - whole legs 635 CZK   Hair curling 195 CZK 330 CZK            
Depilation with hot wax - calf 325 CZK   Dying + Highlighting 790 CZK 1125 CZK            
Depilace horkým voskem - arm 220 CZK   Highlighting in foil 595 CZK 925 CZK            
Shaping eyebrows  99 CZK   Pre-pigmentation 135 CZK 385 CZK            
Eyelash dyeing  75 CZK   Formal hairstyle *330 CZK *595 CZK            
Eyebrow dyieng 75 CZK   Men´s hair cutting 195 CZK 195 CZK            
Daily make-up 260 CZK   Children's cut 195 CZK 195 CZK            
Evening make-up 475 CZK   *price from (according to difficulty and accessories)            
Wedding make-up, incl. rehearsal 990 CZK                    
Instructional trial ( 5-10) persons 1980CZK                    
Allow yourself to relax after a busy day and take care from professional masseurs.


time/ minutes
price included VAT
Massage anti-cellulite
730 CZK
  + wet pack 
440 CZK
Anti-stress Indian
510 CZK
Anti-stress Indian done by director of the hotel 30 1 020 CZK
Aromatic partial
510 CZK
Aromatic partial whole body
940 CZK
Classical, partial
440 CZK
Classical, whole body            
870 CZK
Massage with lava stones partial 
730 CZK
Massage with lava stones whole body 
1 160 CZK
Massage oil Thai   
1 020 CZK
Massage of the sole of the feet
660 CZK
   + whirling feet bath 
220 CZK
Golf massage
1 750 CZK
The whole body care - peeling, wet pack, facepack, massage of your choice 110 3 190 CZK
Objevte krásu českých lesů.

Karlovy Vary jsou v údolí, které se vine podél řek Ohře a Teplá uprostostřed CHKO Slavkovský les. Jsou tedy ideální příležitostí pro procházky po lesích a mýtinách.

Co musíte vidět a prožít v našem kraji.
  • Kulturní a společenské akce (nabídky na recepci hotelu)
  • Golfová destinace (Golf & Racing club 5 minut od hotelu)
  • Adrenalinové zážitky a sporty
  • Turistické a cykloturistické trasy (10 minut od hotelu)
  • Nákupní centra a tradiční karlovarské výrobky (v blízkosti hotelu)
  • Plavecký bazén KV Aréna (10 minut od hotelu, vouchery se slevou na hotelové recepci)
  • Prohlídka Jan Becher Muzeum s ochutnávkou (v centru města, vouchery se slevou na hotelové recepci)
  • Prohlídka Podzemí Vřídla
  • Cvičení pro ženy Countours (v blízkosti hotelu)
  • Fitness centrum v KV Aréně (10 minut od hotelu)




Zajistíme transfer vlastní dopravou nebo taxislužbou.


Letiště Karlovy Vary


autobusové stanoviště má společnou odbavovací budovu s železniční stanicí Karlovy Vary Dolní nádraží, které je
výchozím a cílovým bodem všech meziměstských linek


Praha – Karlovy Vary:
R6 – silnice 6/E48, směr Cheb/Sokolov/6/E48 – výjezd Tuhnice/Dvory/KV ARENA, 1. kruhový objezd první výjezd,
2. kruhový objezd třetí výjezd (ulice Sokolovská), 3. kruhový objezd druhý výjezd (ulice Chebská)
Plzeň - Karlovy Vary: silnice 6/E49
Cheb – Karlovy Vary: silnice 6/E48, E49


Tržnice MHD Terminál - linka 1 nebo 22 - Tržnice (nástupní stanice) – Chebská (výstupní stanice)