À la Carte

Cold Dishes


Beef sirloin Carpaccio with torn lettuce, sprinkled with honey vinaigrette and topped with Parmesan chips

180 CZK 

Beet root Carpaccio with Mozarella and light balsamic vinaigrette, sprinkled with pistachio nuts  

149 CZK 

Duck liver terrine prepared with Port wine, thyme, and bacon 149 CZK

Fresh salmon Tartar with shallot, lemon juice and fresh pepper

180 CZK 

Smoked duck breast served with fig chutney 149 CZK

Assortment of home made marinaded olives with fresh herbs

60 CZK 

Dishes prepared upon your order

Beef sirloin tartare served with pan-roasted bread or toast/ 150g (It is necessary to make your order at least 3 hours ahead.) 320 CZK




Strong beef bouillon with delicate vegetables and meat

55 CZK 

Spinach cream with smoked salmon

55 CZK 

Fresh Salads


Caesar salad with chicken with romaine lettuce, Caesar dip, croutons, and chicken breast

175 CZK 

Roasted goat cheese with raspberry coulis and an assortment of torn lettuces

175 CZK

Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, olives and feta cheese, seasoned with Virgin olive oil

165 CZK 

Pasta and Risotto


At our restaurant, we serve frsh home-made pasta prepared from premium quality Italian ingredients. The unique taste and aroma are achieved by using Grand Duro semolina flour and natural pasteurized egg mixture.

Spaghetti con Gamberetti Spaghetti with shrimps and cherry tomatoes, flavoured with fresh basil and Parmesan

220 CZK 

Spaghetei alla Carbonara Spaghetti with pancetta, garlic, egg yolk, butter, Parmesan and parsley

175 CZK 

Home-made batata gnocchi with Gorgonzola, cream and walnuts  

175 CZK 

Spinach risotto prepared from Italian Arborio rice with Parmesan

169 CZK 

Ravioli filled with beetroot and truffles Hand-made ravioli filled with beetroot and truffles, prepared on butter and Parmesan 240 CZK
Tagliatelle with mushroom ragout and pork tenderloin Tagliatelle with mushrooms, cream, pork tenderloin, and Parmesan 220 CZK

Fresh Fish and Seafood


A big plate of grilled fish and sea fruits / for 2 people Gilthead seabream, shrimps, calamari

1390 CZK 

Oven-baked salmon served with torn lettuce

340 CZK

Zander with caper sauce Capers, cream, wine and lemon

360 CZK 

Shrimps flambé According to our Chef's recipe, served with an assortment of torn lettuces

460 CZK 

Fried calamari Served with torn green leaves and dressing

280 CZK 

Fish according to our daily offer


Main Courses


Piglet shank roasted in dark beer Sous-vide preparation, served with roasted potato purée

290 CZK 

Pork ribs marinated in honey and chilli served with an assortment of dips, stalk celery, fresh carrot and herb baguette

260 CZK

Pink-roasted pork tenderloin fillets served with fennel, shallot and pepper sauce

230 CZK 

Roasted supreme chicken with glazed vegetables (sugar green peas, baby carrots, romanesco, shallots)

235 CZK 

Argentine Rib Eye Steak/ 250 g served with herb butter and onion chutney

420 CZK 

Argentine Tenderloin/ 250 g beef sirloin steak, served with fried egg and roasted string beans 420 CZK
Stuffed chicken chicken breast stuffed with spinach, dried tomatoes and Mozzarella 180 CZK
Fried pork schnitzel served with Jewish salad 220 CZK

Chef's Desserts


Chocolate fondant, served with mascarpone and raspberry purée  

145 CZK 

Home-made praline balls coated in coconut and served with hot sour cherries and ice cream

120 CZK 

Home made sorbet mango/lemon

120 CZK 

Tiramisu italian coffee dessert with biscuits and mascarpone95 95 CZK

Side dishes:


Roasted potato purée

50 CZK 

Baked potatoes interlarded with celeriac

55 CZK 

Roasted potatoes with dill butter and garlic

50 CZK 

Boiled potatoes

45 CZK 

Vegetable mixed salad

65 CZK 

Grilled vegetables

65 CZK 

Glazed vegetables (sugar green peas, baby carrots, romanesco, shallots 65 CZK
Focaccia/ Tuscan home-made bread

40 CZK 

Gluten-free bread or savoury pastry 1 pc 20 CZK
Pepper sauce 50 CZK
Mushroom sauce 50 CZK